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Okinawa Filmabend in Berlin on June 6, 2018

Okinawa Filmabend is a movie screening event that wants to introduce Okinawa to a local audience in Berlin, Germany. With our event we hope to create a new form of communication between Okinawa and European countries, that overcomes national and regional tensions and inspires a Berlin audience to learn about Okinawa. It is our goal to inform the audience about the rich nature, unique culture and living environment in Okinawa, which is also connected to the presence of the US military on the island, and show Okinawa’s rich diversity to the world.

Flyer design for a lecture by “Oshidori Maco & Ken“ in Berlin

Branding for the new opening of the burger shop „Burger Heroes“: logo, menu, packaging, coupons, flyers and interior decoration

Flyer design for the Italian restaurant „Rialto“ in the Christmas season

Seasonal catalog of toe socks company „Knitido“

Re-branding for the educational institution „Acacia Campus“: logo, flyer, rollup and website

New design for the medicine “Duphalac“ of Abbott AG: logo, brand guideline and brochure

Corporate identity for the marketing agency „Berlin Specialists“: logo, business cards, letterhead, posters and website

New design for the weekly food journal „Sanchoku-Tsushin“

Design of the mini booklet announcing a new rice brand “Oborozuki“

Design for a personal wedding: invitations cards, envelopes, menu and name tags

New flyer design for the opening of the shopping center „T-teracce“ in Osaka: Flyer, banner and promotion for the opening

Invitation cards and envelopes for the seasonal fashion exhibitions